Custom home designed for seniors

Built with seniors in mind this house features a smartly designed master bath, extra wide doors, ramped entrances from the garage, sensor activated low lighting to eliminate fumbling for the light switch in the middle of the night, plus may more little extras.  Although a slab foundation the developer went the extra mile and added a raised floor for cusioning in the event of a fall.  Another well thought out area is the laundry room with a door leading to the garage where a utility sink is conveniently located.

Two homes in one on a corner lot and close to shopping;  the idea of a mother in law cottage done right!  The buyer might be someone needing help and could have a caregiver living in the unit next door, or family memebers who come for a vist, or just rent the extra 2 bedroom 2 bath attached home.  When you think about it this home which is really two homes for the price is a great value.


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This is in that subdivision

This is in that subdivision behind Safeway right?

Yes ragnor it is the second

Yes ragnor it is the second left off Gateway Drive, 2635 Sapphire.  If you or anyone is interested the listing is here.